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Getting ready to cast your hook and make a catch? Get on board! Ana Segundo is here to offer you a memorable recreational fishing trip—all year long! Cruising along Lanzarote and its surrounding waters and beaches, it is built for shark and big game fishing excursions, as well as private pleasure cruising and trolling.

Where, when, and what to fish?

Lanzarote offers perfect timing for tuna fishing in the months of February, March, and April, while September, October, and November are high seasons for marlins, dorados, and wahoos. Other species that thrive in Lanzarote include short bill spearfish, albacore, black spot sea bass, mackerel, Atlantic wreckfish, grouper, hammer shark, amberjack, sea-spike, red snapper, and sea bass among others.

Moreover, La Graciosa, which is just 2km north of Larazonte, is a go-to destination for sportfishing lovers. Only accessible to a few boats, this park is great for slow jigging, dead bait fishing, and spinning.

What do we offer?

Led by father-and-son fishing aficionados, also known as Los Capitanes, we teach beginners who want to learn how to fish. We also assist avid anglers looking for trophy marlins. Common services we offer include:

  • Bottom fishing
  • Coastal trolling
  • Big game fishing
  • Private charter pleasure cruising
  • Lodging and eating out

We can also arrange pick-ups from the airport or from your hotels and even suggest accommodation options for tourists from other parts of the country or the world. Our convenient location also has a spacious parking space and nearby shops, restaurants, and nightclubs you can visit before or after the excursion.

During the fishing trips, we provide snacks and drinks (even wines and cocktails for private charters). Ana Segundo comes with complete and well-conditioned fishing gears—such as branded rods (Tiagra) and reels (Penn Senator and Shimano).

Our boat: Ana Segundo

Ana Segundo is everything but second. Its captains, built, and offerings are all top-tier. From fishing equipment to customer service, from casting your first hook to wrapping your first catch, from your early beginnings to your champion days, we’ve got you covered! We can even take pictures or any form of documentation to record your momentous day.

Why us?

Our team aims to be the best at what we do. We don’t want to be just one of the thousands of fish in the water. That is why 1) we keep our boat as good as new, 2) our crew licensed and constantly trained, 3) our fishing apparatus as conditioned as they can, and 4) our promise as real as possible. We have proven this through our years in the industry and through the words of our satisfied customers.

What do our customers have to say?

With excellent communication and feedback, we have gathered stories from our tourists who have chartered Ana Segundo in the past (with some continuously becoming repeat customers). Because our customer’s satisfaction is our top-most priority, we’ve compiled these wonderful narratives into blogs for us to cherish and for you to enjoy reading. We are proud to say that this feedback came from visitors throughout the nation and from around the world.

Let’s go, Ana Segundo!

Hear the sea calling you? Seas the day! Make your booking now and have the most unforgettable fishing experience of a lifetime.