About Us Page

Ana Segundo is a premier sportfishing charter boat in Lanzarote. Serving both novice and experienced fishers alike, it has withstood the rough waves of the North Atlantic Ocean and has witnessed thousands of exciting and fun fishing excursions.

The Boat

Built with big game fishing in mind, Ana Segundo measures 15 meters long and a breadth of 3.8 meters wide. Made up of aluminum material, it is equipped with radar and sonar technologies, as well as excellent fishing equipment like reels, rods, fighting chairs, and more. It can cruise at speeds of up to 15 knots and can accommodate 8-12 people. The vessel also holds a small kitchen, bathroom, living, and dining area to make your cruise more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Captains

Ana Segundo is manned by father-and-son tandem of Rodolfo and Miguel Salazar (also known as “Los Capitanes”). The former being a fisherman at heart, handed over his passion and knowledge of sportfishing to the younger Salazar when he was just a young boy. Joining fishing trips and attending tournaments, the two (together with their team) have now become a staple in big game fishing competitions in Spain. Los Capitanes have continued to provide tourists with personalized and superb fishing experiences over the last 30 years. Passion and “keeping it reel” make them stand out from the rest of the fishing charters in Lanzarote.

The Place

Lanzarote is regarded by many as the best fishing area of the Canary Islands. This can be attributed to the fact that fishing in the area is good all year round. The abundant marine wildlife (both sedentary and migratory) can be credited to its rich foundation, which is a result of the island emerging from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by emissions of lava millions of years ago.

The waters surrounding the island also house a variety of sportfishing species—such as giant bluefin tunas (that are abundant in February-April), as well as blue marlin, white marlin, dorado, wahoo, and albacore in September-November.

The Experience

Ana Segundo is available for half-day or full-day fishing trips and can be shared with different groups or chartered privately by your family and friends. The cruise can last up to 6 hours—voyaging around fishing areas, such as Costa Teguise, and Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca, up to the beaches of Papagayo and the island of Lobos.

While moving, we can begin casting rods and lures for trolling. After which, we can take you bottom fishing. We also offer pleasure cruising, sightseeing, snorkeling, as well as dolphin and turtle watching. For big game fishing, we have an experienced crew that can assist you.

The Timing

The time is now! Ana Segundo offers a year-round wonderful experience. Don’t let another time pass you by. Catch the moment and seize the day!