From Tampa to Espanya!

There’s no place like the sea for best friends Curtis Martin and Max Owens. Both from Tampa, Florida, the two have been comrades since they were young, and now that they are both successful businessmen. They share a lot of interests and fascinations, and one of their most favorite past times is sportfishing!

Growing up and doing business in a place surrounded by water, the two are regular anglers and boat aficionados. This is why despite the distance, they took the long journey from Florida to the wonderful island of Lanzarote in Spain to experience the best fishing trip of their lives.

Busy with their hectic schedules, mates Curtis and Max wanted a place where they can fish any time of the year. That’s how they heard of Lanzarote. The island offers a good fishing season whole year-round.

Curtis, being an owner of a Tampa boat detailing company is well-versed with boat maneuvering and recreational cruising. His friend, Max, on the other hand, is the owner of Tampa Leak Detection Pros and is an avid fan of marlin fishing. Both have been searching for their dream destination for a long time. They’ve been through a lot of places, but according to them, nothing beats their experience in Lanzarote.

Ana Segundo charter boat

Onboard our magnificent Ana Segundo boat, they were able to do big game fishing, see the diverse fish species and aquatic wonders on the island, and enjoy a triumphant cruise while drinking beers at the sunset. They took a three-day fishing package with us, and could not get enough of the experience.

When they left, they parted ways with our captains happy and satisfied with a promise to come back in the future. It was truly a pleasure sharing a wonderful time with our Floridan friends. Until we meet again!