Concrete Company in Fishing Tournament in Lanzarote Spain

Major Comeback for the XVII Torneo De Pesca De Altura in Puerto Calero

It’s been a long time since our last update here on our blog section, and we’re happy to share some new adventures! Coming up first is the recently concluded XVII Torneo De Pesca De Altura in Puerto Calero. Held from September 12 until September 17, it has created its major comeback since the break due to the COVID19 pandemic.  

XVII Torneo De Pesca De Altura in Puerto Calero (also known as the XVII Puerto Calero Deep Sea Fishing Contest is organized by the Wahoo Azul Fishing Club. This event, which started way back in 1991, is one of the most consolidated deep-sea fishing competitions, as well as one of the longest-running fishing tournaments in the Canary Islands. Starting with just about 15 boats joining its first edition, it has now attracted more and more participants, with approximately 50 to 65 boats that joined this year. 

The format of the contest runs around the premise and essence of white and blue marlin catch and release. The Puerto Deep Sea Fishing Tournament is the only qualifying tournament in Spain for the World Cup in Costa Rica. This means that the winner of this event will qualify for the coveted contest in Costa Rica next year. This is on top of this year’s additional awards from the Wahoo Azul Fishing Club, which include 1) the Cicar prize with a car and 2) the Mapfre Grand Prize, which awarded a check for 20,000 euros.

Running for more than three decades now, this event has become a tourist attraction for both local Spanish deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, as well as foreign deep water fishers. In fact, during our escapades and socializing, we met some avid fishers all the way from Santa Ana, Califonia. Couple Sharon and Kevin Adams along with their team of concrete contractors from their masonry company had intentionally scheduled their overseas work to fall in within the same dates as the tournament. With their clients/friends residing here in Spain, they were able to get on board one of the participating boats and enjoy the event.

These friendly new-found comrades had shared a great time with us and even offered to be hosts if we have the opportunity to travel to the U.S. What a great way to find new friends in the XVII Torneo De Pesca De Altura in Puerto Calero.

marlin trophy

Lanzarote: a Blue Marlin Paradise

Lanzarote is undeniably an oasis of various species of marine life. The warm weather throughout the year, plus the fertile marine geography caused by lava emissions millions of years ago, make it an ideal place for different types of fish to thrive. For these reasons, the waters surrounding the island make it a leading destination for anglers and fishing fanatics.

While multiple fishes abound (like sailfish, swordfish, yellowfin, albacores, bigeye, wahoos, and tunas), one particular kind catches every fisher’s attention and admiration: blue marlin. The abundance draws experienced sportfishing lovers and even those who have never fished before.

Blue marlins in Lanzarote can weigh from 400-450 pounds (180-205 kilos) up to a staggering record-breaking 700-800 pounds (300-350 kilos). They are usually in high season during the months of June to October.

Marlin fishing (also known as billfishing) is considered by many game fishermen as the grandest of all sportfishing due to its rareness and the power of the marlin species. That is why most sport fishers call their greatly coveted catch a “trophy marlin”.

One of our long-time customers, Adrian Martinez owner of Painting Contractors of San Bernardino, is an avid marlin fisherman and finds Lanzarote to be his favorite spots to fish on the planet. As a native of the US, he mostly fishes in Southern Florida and the Gulf of Mexico as it’s closer to his home. Once he became aware of the steady flow of big blues in Spain, he was hooked. We greatly appreciate Adrian’s business and look forward to many more trips with him on board.

With marlin fishing becoming more and more sought-after, fishing charters and clubs are practicing catch-and-release. This is done in recreational fishing—where after catching, measuring, weighing, and documenting the catch, the fish is unhooked and returned live back to the waters. Through this, marine life is preserved while success is still achieved and joy on board is still cherished.